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The Crossfire CF140L builds on our reputation of manufacturing bullet proof bikes.
The 2015 CF140L is all about ergonomics. Apart from quality and outright speed the rider has to be comfortable and have freedom to move. The main thing most mid size bikes suffer from is knee room. That is the handle bar and knees are too close. This has been addressed. There is no better ergonomics on a Chinese mid size bike we have found. With a full size motocross track at our disposal within our very own R&D facility, we have put in 1,000s of hours of riding to bring you the CF140L 2015 model.

The Crossfire CF140L 2015 model range gets the YX140 Ho (High Output) motor in race box configuration neutral-1-2-3-4.This configuration was chosen for 2 reasons: 1st to speed up gear changes but also 2nd – to prevent damage to the gear box from bad gear changes. In a conventional gear box you can get caught up between 1st and 2nd gear due to getting stuck in neutral. The now standard Mikuni PZ range of carbs continues to be the reliable source aspiration for premium range of bikes. Hydraulic Disc Brakes are a combination of twin piston callipers and over sized rotors continue to provide assured breaking with more feedback than ever.

For 2015 the CF140L includes a digital hour meter. The hour meter will automatically calculate engine run time once the bike is started. As all of us want to look after our bikes the best we can the hour meter assists in timing of regular service.

The CF140L Crossfire is not a pit bike rather a kid’s motorbike that provides a viable quality alternative to the big Japanese brands. Please call our head office for test drive at your local dealer

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