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The all new 2015 Crossfire CF110 is the stepping stone of kid to adult. It’s the bike that makes every kid happy to ride.

The most important thing is the bike has electric start. This features empowers rider with confidence that if they stall, starting is as easy as a press of a button.

The next feature that builds on the confidence is the gear box. Often referred to as the Step Through gear box introduces gears without worrying about the clutch.

Crossfire CF110 is about confidence in riding, changing gears, starting and braking. Thanks to the Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes the rider is in control and stopping is light squeeze of the brakes away.

For 2015 the CF110 includes a digital hour meter. The hour meter will automatically calculate engine run time once the bike is started. As all of us want to look after our bikes the best we can the hour meter assists in timing of regular service.

Lastly is the all important seat height at 67cm will be the perfect height for the young teen. It will provide a sense of control that was not there before.

All in all the 2015 CF110 by Crossfire is a big bike in small packaging.

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